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Getting Started

Get started with the most powerful database for your project that can handle billion of users


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MySQL Database

Table Of Getting Started Contents


  • Easily modify your MySQL database data with easy functions
  • Useful for websites & large projects where it makes managing data easier & faster
  • Supports the Promise-API, you will be able to use .then, .catch, await, etc...
  • & more...


npm i mysql-database

Example Usage

const MySQL = require('mysql-database');
const database = new MySQL();

async function run() {
let db = await database.connect({
host: 'localhost',
port: '3306', // the default is 3306
user: 'root',
password: '',
database: 'my_database',
charset: 'utf8mb4'
db.on('connected', () => {
console.log('Database Connected');

await db.set("my_table", "foo", "bar");
// -> Stores 'bar' in 'foo' key name in the table 'my_table'

let data = await db.get("my_table", "foo");
console.log(data); // bar
// -> Gets foo key name value (which is bar) in the table 'my_table'

await db.delete("my_table", "foo");
// -> delete foo key in 'my_table' table